Runner Rugs

The Types of Runner Rugs Ideal for Your Home

Area rugs make a house warm, comfortable, and inviting. Most people use area rugs to decorate larger spaces like the living room and dining room. However, we have the narrower areas of the staircases, the hallways, and other entry areas that can also be decorated with runner rugs. They add color and character to areas that they cover.

There are many types of Runner Rugs and it is important to know the different styles to be able to choose the perfect one that will create the desired effect.

Here are the types of Runner Rugs:


  • Area Rug Runners

It is the most popular type of runner rugs, and can be used in many spaces of the house. It defines the area and makes it appealing to the eye. You can also get one with solid colors and others with animal prints. Some are hand-woven while others are machine-made. You can never go wrong with an area rug runner in the hallway.



  • Kitchen Rug Runners

Kitchen rug runners beautify the kitchen area. They come in cooking themes, and most of them will have fruits and vegetables on them. They also come in a myriad of other designs, colors, and sizes. The kitchen is the heart of every home and if you want your kitchen experience to be good, make the room beautiful and inviting using kitchen rug runners.



  • Bathroom Runners

These runners are placed in the bathroom areas. They come in handy, especially in dealing with the cold bathroom floors. They can come in geometric pattern or stripes and make the bathroom look attractive and colorful. Why let your bathroom remain dull and boring when you can use bathroom runners to make it beautiful and shiny?



  • Outdoor Runner Rugs

Outdoor runners as the name suggests, are used in the spaces outside the house. Most of them have floral patterns and their theme is mainly nature, but they can also come in animal prints. Do not merely decorate the interior of the house whilst forgetting the space outside. You should always decorate your outside with a nice runner because it gives the first impression of what is inside the house.



  • Children’s Runner Rugs

These types of rugs are placed mostly in children’s rooms and play areas. They have cartoon characters and other illustrations that appeal to children. Some have educational stuff like alphabets and numbers. They also come in bright colors that children love. Make your kid’s room exciting by decorating it with these runners.



Runner rugs come in many exciting designs and styles. It is up to you to choose the most suitable one. This, of course, will depend on the space that you want to decorate and the theme that you already have in place. Use colors that will compliment your interior décor and do not be afraid to experiment. You can shop online for runner rugs and get a feel for what is available before you make your final choice.


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