The Perfect Rug, DIY Style

Rugs are versatile pieces of decoration, which makes them a tricky item to implement. They can transform a room with their patterns, textures and colors. Also, they help unify all the elements and colors in a room, as well as define seating spaces in large rooms or open floor plans. But while quality rugs are a worthy investment, sometimes you might be on a tight budget, or cannot find exactly the rug you’re looking for. There are so many options available that looking for something specific can be a daunting task. But fear not. Here are some useful rug hacks to help you get exactly what you want without budget or time constrains.

Customize The Design

Have you gone through dozens or even hundreds of rug designs but still can’t find the exact patter you’re dying to put on your floor? If what you’re looking for is too specific, you might have to consider to stop looking for it and simply make it yourself instead. You just need a plain, flat pile rug, a stencil, a simple design, and paint. Think about possible designs and practice them before settling on one. A customized rug is a great way to make your whole décor come together. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you may even draw geometric patterns with a permanent marker on your plain rug. This works best with short pile rugs because the lines will look cleaner.

Give Old Rugs A New Life

Don’t throw away that old rug from your basement just yet. Whether you’ve had it for ages or bought it at a yard sale and never used it, you can breathe new life into an old rug with a dye treatment. Overdyed rugs are trendy, and usually come with a steep price tag, but you can make them yourself with that old rug (provided it’s been cleaned beforehand). Just use dye or a mixture of dyes to get the color you want. The result is a rug with a deep, rich color that still shows its original patter.

Combine Rugs In Large Rooms

Do you have a huge room or an open floor plan to furnish? If that’s the case, you might find that looking for the right rug size just isn’t working, and that maybe it’s easier to make a rug larger by joining two rugs. You can do this by combining two identical rugs and taping them together on the back. This works best with shag rugs with soft edges, because the thick texture hides the seams better. If you need a runner rug instead, combine two or three small, rectangular rugs.

While the available options of rugs are huge and there’s something for everyone most of the time, it may be hard to find something specific on a budget. In these cases, it’s time to get creative. Whether you cut your rug, paint it, dye it, or combine two or more rugs, upcycling or DYI-ing your old rugs can be fun and can give  your space a unique touch.

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